Pond Maintenance Through The Year

Pond Maintenance Essex

Here at Willows Waterscapes, we not only build ponds in Essex. We also do pond maintenance in Essex and surrounding areas. Pond Maintenance can vary from replacing a pump, to a full pond clean. Here we will talk about different types of Maintenance and what should be done throughout the year, this can be applied to all types of ponds, from fish ponds to swimming ponds and nature ponds.
Pond maintenance in Essex and England is a yearly job, although with the right system, the maintenance will be minimal and has also been described to me as therapeutic. (Please see the section on ecosystem ponds Essex for more information).

Spring pond maintenance

Spring time for Essex ponds is my favourite, the plants are starting to shoot, the fish are getting more mobile and swimming up to greet you. And the biological pond filter is starting to get going again after winter. This time of year you need to be dosing your pond with beneficial bacteria (we have our own special blend of bacteria we use, please get in contact for more information). This will help kick-start the pond, and the filter together, ensuring a strong start and great water quality for the coming season.
Spring is also a great time to be getting any new pond plants in, its also a great time to get some summer bedding ready. Plants play a vital role in any garden pond and help significantly with pond water quality.
If you haven’t had a pond cleaning recently then this is also a great time of year to get it done. Pond cleaning is a great way to give your pond an M.O.T and make sure everything is working properly and to your satisfaction. Dirty ponds smell, have excessive algae and can lead to water quality problems. They are unpleasant to the eye and will be an attraction to mosquitoes. A full pond cleaning will be done in a day depending on size and the condition of the pond, the fish will be moved into a temporary enclosure with existing pond water and filter to ensure minimal stress for the fish. Any plants in containers will be cleaned off and moved out before we clean the pond down and remove the sludge. Please get in contact if you need a pond cleaning in Essex or surrounding areas.
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Summer pond maintenance

The summer months for garden ponds in Essex and surrounding areas, is a time to sit back and enjoy what you have. Crystal clear pond water, beautiful fish and flourishing plants, a lovely time to sit and enjoy with your favourite tipple. There is very little maintenance in the summer for your garden pond. Keeping up with regular bacteria treatments is necessary, and removing any of the surface debris that gets captured by our mechanical filters (Please see the ecosystem ponds Essex section for more information).
Flowers that have passed their best can be trimmed and if you have any small spaces in your waterfalls or around the pond, these can be filled with buzzy lizzies to give a pop of colour throughout.
Most of all, sit back and enjoy it.

Autumn pond maintenance

Autumn time is busier than most with the plants starting to fade and leaves starting to fall. Leaves that fall on the pond need to be removed to prevent them from sinking to the bottom and decaying. This increases the nutrient load in the pond and feeds algae, so all plant matter needs to be removed. Leaves can be removed from the surface with a simple fishing net, this can become long winded to skim the whole pond each day and when it’s cold, it’s the last thing you want to be doing. One of our custom pond skimming solutions can installed on any size pond, from a small nature pond, to a large swimming pond or existing earthen bottom lake. (Please see ecosystem ponds Essex for more information formation on our skimming solutions).
The second option that we can do for you is to erect a large net spanning the entire garden pond. This will stop leaves from even hitting the surface and becoming a problem in the first place (Please call for more information). This is more for smaller ponds.
As the same with rest of the year, keeping up with the regular beneficial bacteria dosing is necessary.

Winter pond maintenance

Winter time is a special time of year for your garden pond. The lights really come into their own and show off what you have. Some may think that winter time is boring with ponds, but with the right package this can be an amazing season. (Please have a look at the section on ecosystem ponds Essex for more information on what we can do for you). The choice of pond plants is critical to ensure you still have interest around the pond in winter. We still suggest using bacteria in winter, we have a special bacteria for winter time too.
Leaves are still a problem from the trees that drop their leaves later, again we suggest removing these.

Garden pond water quality problems.

Ponds can suffer from problems just like anything else, (I’ve seen my fair share). Algae and green water are very common issues. A lot of degraded biological matter can be a cause for this, I would suggest a professional pond cleaning to resolve this issue. Whilst I am there, I will check to see if the filtration system is adequate for the pond you have.
If you have recently had a pond cleaning from another contractor and the problem persists, I would suggest adding better filtration to the pond. This will reduce the amount of nutrients in the pond and also the suspended matter in the pond water.

Excess biological matter in the bottom of the pond or bad filtration can have an adverse effect of the chemical make up of the water. This can be lethal for the fish if left unattended, or you have a sick fish and unsure on the problem. Ammonia is bad in the water and comes from a lack of filtration or something has died in the pond, or maybe an animal has toileted in the pond. This can be resolved with treatments from fish shops if its uncommon. Or if its constant then you need to upgrade the filtration.