Eco-System Ponds

About Willows Waterscapes

Willows Waterscapes Eco-System Ponds

The very best addition you could get for your home and garden!

Imagine getting home, going outside with your favourite beverage after a long stressful day at work, and sitting next to your own paradise full of plants, fish, wildlife and relaxation. Instant peace and tranquillity.

Ponds are the best way to attract a magnitude of wildlife into your garden. From wildlife ponds to Koi ponds, our ecosystems are truly beautiful, self sufficient and one of a kind.

No two features are the same. Our ponds are all low maintenance as we work with mother nature and not against her. The rocks and gravel give a great background to your fish and plants and really make the colours pop. They are also a home to millions of beneficial bacteria that help keep the pond clean and clear.

We can build ponds to match your needs and budget. From stillwater wildlife ponds to amazing waterfalls and recreation ponds, we can make your garden paradise reality.

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