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Willow Waterscapes specialises in creating beautiful and one-of-a-kind creations with water, rocks, plants and wood. By working with mother nature we create ponds or streams that look as natural as possible by using rocks and gravel to ensure the best quality of water.







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Willows Waterscapes is a company that specializes in creating beautiful water features with the help of rocks, plants and wood. We work with mother nature to create ponds, streams and fountainscapes. Our priority is ensuring quality water while making our creations as natural-looking as possible!

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Here are some of our most recent waterscapes, including ponds and fountains.

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Imagine walking into your home after a long day of work and being greeted by instant peace and tranquillity when you walk outside. With any one of these beauties, life will be easier to manage – an outdoor paradise full of plants, fish, wildlife and relaxation for your body and soul.

Eco-System Ponds

From wildlife ponds to Koi ponds, our ecosystems are truly beautiful, self sufficient and one of a kind.

Waterfalls and Streams

Pondless systems or disappearing waterfalls are great if you want the tranquil sounds of a babbling brook but don’t want the upkeep of a pond


Create height and sound to fill that space and enjoy the soothing sounds and sites of water!

Swim Ponds

swim the way nature intended, no harsh chemicals to irritate your eyes and skin. No unsightly, high maintenance filtration systems to worry about


What Clients Say About Us

“Met Callum today by chance and what a great guy, was full of useful information as I’m building a new pond and has really got me thinking about the filtration of it.”

Andi Thomas

“Callum from Willows Waterscapes came and created the most amazing wildlife pond in my garden. It’s the perfect sanctuary for all the local wildlife that like to come into the garden. Very reliable and trustworthy, I would highly recommend to anyone wanting a natural looking, wildlife friendly eco pond.”

Phoebe Cobb

“Callum installed a slate monolith in our garden. He and his team did a fabulous job with which we are thrilled. His approach was both professional, and genuinely enthusiastic. Would highly recommend, and wish him well.”

Keith Heaton

“Callum did a water feature in March i love it .water is clear about two and a half feet at its deepest part with different size boulders,gravel etc and a huge bowl that’s the filter and waterfall I have planted around the edges,and saw a frog in there last night and have had dragon flys .my only regret is that I don’t have space for a bigger feature .”

Lesley Apostolides

“Spoke to Callum about a fix to our existing pond, after initial discussions and upon recommendation from Callum, we decided to fully renovate and expand the pond with more natural features and a waterfall. We’re blown away by the results and decided to expand mid-project; since then we’ve been able establish Koi and additional fish into clear waters and have decided to work with Callum once more to extend and improve what we have. These ponds will transform your garden space and give you tranquility that you’ll never get bored of.”

Lee Sands