Filtration For Garden Waterfalls


Bio-falls, these are our waterfall biological filters, allowing to naturalise the construction of the waterfall they allow an area of highly oxygenated water to pass over beneficial bacteria inside the biofalls, similar in principle to a wetland however on a smaller scale suitable for small ponds. Designed to be low maintenance, cleaned roughly every 12 months, following the right pond conditions, the biofalls is a filter which, if installed correctly shouldn’t be visible again!!


For the Wetland Filtration, mother nature is the inspiration behind the constructed wetland filter. No filter even comes close to replicating the bacterial surface area of the wetland. After being pumped from the pond, the water enters a sediment chamber which is designed to lose 97% of the water velocity, this allows larger particles to settle on the bottom of the sediment chamber. The water then percolates through specific differing grades of rock and gravel, allowing for maximum surface area for beneficial bacteria to thrive in the highly oxygenated water passing over them, having a calculated volume of water in darkness at all times improves the water quality and stability.


Skimmers are ideal filtration for smaller ponds, they are extremely low maintenance and easy to use for the owner by simply removing the basket, making maintenance simple, easy and fast. We disguise them to blend into the landscape.


Intake bays are traditionally used in larger ponds to allow for larger pumps and skimming potential, maintenance is achieved by routinely dipping in a little net to remove the debris, the pump vaults are hidden inside of the intake bays keeping all of the moving parts away from wildlife. These intake bays are custom made to size, to skim even the largest of ponds.